Ecco la discografia dei singoli e degli album, schematizzata per etichette discografiche, del musicista nero Ray Charles, creatore durante gli anni ’50 della musica soul grazie alla sua idea di unire il suo genere di nascita artistica, il rhythm and blues, con i cori gospel.



I singoli pubblicati dalla Downbeat, la prima etichetta per la quale Ray Charles registrò, nel 1949. La Downbeat Records cambierà presto nome, a causa di un’omonimia con una rivista, in Swingtime; perciò esse possono essere considerate una sola etichetta discografica.

1949 “I Love, I Love You (I Will Never Let You Go)”
1949 “Confession Blues”
1949 “How Long Blues”
1949 “A Sentimental Blues”
1949 “Alone in the City”
1949 “Let’s Have a Ball”


I singoli pubblicati dalla Swingtime, un’etichetta minore con la quale Ray Charles ottenne un primo piccolo successo nel 1951 con la canzone “Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand”.

1949 “I’ve Had My Fun (Going Down Slow)”
1949 “Ain’t That Fine”
1949 “See See Rider”
1949 “Honey Honey”
1949 “Th’Ego Song”
1949 “Someday”
1951 “I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now”
1951 “Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand”
1952 “Kissa Me Baby”
1952 “Baby Won’t You Please Come Home”
1952 “Let Me Hear You Call My Name”
1953 “The Snow Is Falling”

Sittin’ In With

1952 “I Can’t Do No More”


1952 “Walkin’ and Talkin'”

Atlantic (1952-1964)

L’elenco dei singoli registrati da Ray Charles dal 1952 al 1959 e pubblicati dalla Atlantic dal 1952 al 1967. L’artista tornerà poi a registrare per questa etichetta alla fine degli anni ’70.

1952 “The Midnight Hour”
1953 “The Sun’s Gonna Shine Again”
1953 “Mess Around”
1953 “Feelin’ Sad”
1954 “It Should’ve Been Me”
1954 “Losing Hand”
1954 “I Got a Woman”
1954 “Come Back Baby”
1955 “This Little Girl of Mine”
1955 “Blackjack”
1955 “Greenbacks”
1956 “Mary Ann”
1956 “Hallelujah I Love Her So”
1956 “Lonely Avenue”
1956 “Drown in My Own Tears”
1956 “What Would I Do Without You”
1957 “I Want to Know”
1957 “Ain’t That Love”
1957 “It’s Allright”
1957 “Swanee River Rock”
1958 “Talkin’ ‘Bout You”
1958 “Yes Indeed”
1958 “My Bonnie”
1958 “Rockhouse”
1958 “(Night Time Is the) Right Time”
1959 “That’s Enough”
1959 What’d I Say
1959 “I’m Movin’ on”
1959 “Let the Good Times Roll”
1960 “Just for a Thrill”
1960 “Sweet Sixteen Bars”
1960 “Doodlin'”
1960 “Tell Me You’ll Wait for Me”
1960 “Come Rain or Come Shine”
1960 “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'”
1961 “A Bit of Soul”
1961 “Am I Blue”
1961 “Hard Times (Who Knows Better Than I)”
1961 “Carryin’ That Load”
1964 “Talkin’ ‘Bout You”
1967 “Come Rain or Come Shine”


Durante il periodo alla ABC-Paramount, Ray Charles registra singoli che gli garantirono fama mondiale con brani noti come “Georgia on My Mind” e le sue cover di brani country. Eccone l’elenco completo.

1960 “My Baby! (I Love Her, Yes I Do”
1960 “Sticks and Stones”
1960 “Tell the Truth”
1960 Georgia on My Mind
1960 “Them That Got”
1960 “Ruby”
1960 “Hardhearthed Hannah”
1961 “One Mint Julep”
1961 “I’ve Got News For You”
1961 “I’m Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town”
1961 “Hit the Road Jack”
1961 “Unchain My Heart”
1962 “Baby It’s Cold Outside”
1962 “At the Club”
1962 “Born to Lose”
1962 “But on the Other Hand Baby”
1962 I Can’t Stop Loving You
1962 “You Don’t Know Me”
1962 “Careless Love”
1962 “Hide nor Hair”
1962 “You Are My Sunshine”
1962 “Your Cheatin’ Heart”
1963 “Don’t Set Me Free”
1963 “Take This Chains from My Heart”
1963 “No One”
1963 “Without Love (There Is Nothing)”
1963 “The Brightest Smile in Town”
1963 “Busted”
1963 “That Lucky Old Sun”
1964 “Baby, Don’t You Cry”
1964 “My Heart Cries for You”
1964 “My Baby Don’t Dig Me”
1964 “No One To Cry to”
1964 “Smack Dab in the Middle”
1964 “A Tear Fell”
1964 “Makin’ Whoopee”
1965 “Cry”
1965 “I Gotta Woman”
1965 “Without a Song”
1965 “I’m a Fool to Care”
1965 “The Cincinnati Kid”
1965 “Crying Time”
1966 “Together Again”
1966 “Let’s Go Get Stoned”
1966 “I Chose to Sing the Blues”
1966 “Please Say You’re Fooling”
1966 “I Don’t Need No Doctor”
1967 “Something Inside Me”
1967 “Here We Go Again”
1967 “In the Heat of the Night”
1967 “Yesterday”
1968 “That’s a Lie”
1968 “Understanding”
1968 “Eleanor Rigby”
1968 “A Sweet Young Thing Like You”
1968 “If It Wasn’t for Bad Luck”
1969 “I Didn’t Know What It Was”
1969 “Let Me Love You”
1969 “We Can Make It”
1969 “Claudie Mae”
1970 “Laughin’ And Clownin'”
1970 “If You Were Mine”
1971 “Don’t Change on Me”
1971 “Booty Butt”
1971 “Your Love Is so Dooggone Good”
1971 “Feel So Bad”
1971 “What Am I Living for”
1972 “Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma”
1972 “Hey Mister”
1973 “Every Saturday Night”
1973 “I Can Make It Thru The Days (But Oh Those Lonely Nights)”

Crossover (1973-1976)

Dopo il periodo trascorso all’ABC-Paramount e prima di tornare all’Atlanti Ray Charles registrò nella prima metà degli anni ’70 per l’etichetta Crossover, di sua proprietà. Registrò un ulteriore singolo nel 2002.

1973 “Come Live With Me”
1974 “Louise”
1975 “Living for the City”
1976 “America the Beautiful”


1976 “Oh Lawd, I’m On My Way”

Atlantic (1977-1980)

I singoli del secondo periodo di Ray Charles all’Atlantic Records.

1977 “I Can See Clearly Now”
1978 “Game Number Nine”
1978 “Riding Thumb”
1978 “Christmas Time”
1979 “Some Enchanted Evening”
1979 “Just Because”
1980 “Compared to What”


L’elenco dei singoli registrati per la Columbia, con la rispettiva posizione nella classifica country.

1982 “Born to Love Me”
1983 “3/4 Time”
1983 “Ain’t Your Memory Got No Pride At All”
1983 “We Didn’t See a Thing”
1984 “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind”
1984 “Woman Sensuous Woman”
1984 “(All I Wanna Do Is) Lay Around and Love on You”
1984 “Rock and Roll Shoes”
1984 “Seven Spanish Angels”
1985 “It Ain’t Gonna Worry My Mind”
1985 “Two Old Cats Like Us”
1986 “The Pages of My Mind”
1986 “Dixie Moon”
1987 “Baby Grand”
(singolo di Billy Joel)

Warner Bros

Dopo due partecipazioni ad un singolo del 1980 con Clint Eastwood e ad uno del 1989 con Quincy Jones e Chaka Chan, Ray Charles cominciò a registrare regolarmente il suo materiale per l’etichetta discografica Warner Bros per tutti gli anni ’90.

1980 “Beers to You” (con Clint Eastwood)
1989 “I’ll Be Good to You”
1989 “Ellie My Love”
1990 “I’ll Take Care of You”
1991 “Living Without You”
1991 “Fresh Out of Tears”
1993 “I’ll Be There”
1993 “A Song for You”

Crossover (2002)

2002 “Mother”


2005 “You Don’t KnowMe”


La lista completa degli album registrati e pubblicati da Ray Charles nel corso della sua carriera.

Atlantic (1952-1964)

Gli album pubblicati dall’Atlantic Records grazie al materiale registrato da Ray Charles dal 1952 al 1959.

  • 1957: Ray Charles
  • 1957: The Great Ray Charles
  • 1958: Yes Indeed!
  • 1958: Soul Brothers con Milt Jackson
  • 1958: Ray Charles at Newport
  • 1959: What’d I Say
  • 1959: The Genius of Ray Charles
  • 1960: Ray Charles in Person
  • 1960: Ray Charles Sextet
  • 1961: Soul Meeting con Milt Jackson
  • 1961: The Genius After Hours
  • 1961: The Genius Sings the Blues
  • 1961: The Greatest Ray Charles a.k.a. Do the Twist with Ray Charles


Gli album del periodo dell’ ABC-Paramount, dal 1960 al 1973

  • 1960: The Genius Hits the Road
  • 1961: Dedicated to You
  • 1961: Ray Charles and Betty Carter con Betty Carter
  • 1961: Genius + Soul = Jazz
  • 1962: Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music
  • 1962: Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music volume two
  • 1963: Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul
  • 1964: Sweet & Sour Tears
  • 1964: Have a Smile with Me
  • 1965: Ray Charles Live in Concert
  • 1965: Country & Western Meets Rhythm & Blues
  • 1966: Crying Time
  • 1966: Ray’s Moods
  • 1967: A Man and His Soul
  • 1967: Ray Charles Invites You to Listen
  • 1968: A Portrait of Ray
  • 1969: I’m All Yours Baby
  • 1969: Doing His Thing
  • 1970: Love Country Style
  • 1970: My Kind of Jazz
  • 1971: Volcanic Action of My Soul
  • 1972: A Message from the People
  • 1972: Through the Eyes of Love
  • 1973: My Kind of Jazz number two

Crossover (1973-1976)

Gli album della prima metà degli anni ’70, registrati per la Crossover, etichetta di proprietà dello stesso Ray Charles.

  • 1974: Come Live Me
  • 1975: Renaissance
  • 1975: My Kind of Jazz number three
  • 1976: Ray Charles Live in Japan


  • 1976: Porgy & Bess con Cleo Laine

Atlantic (1977-1980)

L’elenco degli album del periodo del ritorno all’Atlantic Records.

  • 1977: True to Life
  • 1978: Love & Peace
  • 1979: Ain’t It So
  • 1980: Brother Ray Is at It Again


La lista degli album del periodo “country” di Ray Charles alla Columbia.

  • 1983: Wish You Were Here Tonight
  • 1984: Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
  • 1985: Friendship
  • 1986: The Spirit of Christmas
  • 1986: From the Pages of My Mind
  • 1988: Just Between Us

Warner Bros

Gli album registrati per la Warner Bros, etichetta di Ray Charles per tutti gli anni ’90.

  • 1990: Would You Believe
  • 1993: My World
  • 1996: Strong Love Affair

Crossover (2002)

Per la sua etichetta Ray Charles registrò e pubblicò il suo ultimo album solista.

  • 2002: Thanks for Bringing Love Around Again


Dopo aver lasciato la Warner Bros Ray Charles registrò per la Concord il suo ultimo album prima di lasciare il suo pubblico.

  • 2004: Genius Loves Company


  • 2002: Ray Charles Sings For America
  • 2004: Ray Charles and Friends
  • 2006: The Definitive Soul Collection
  • 2007: The Way I Feel Vol 1,2,3 e 4
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